Press Releases - 5 January 2017

Alliora Coffrets packs Mon Paris, the new Yves Saint Laurent fragrance

For Christmas 2016, the new fragrance of Yves Saint Laurent is presented in a box dressed in glitter. For this specific manufacturing, Alliora Coffrets has multiplied the decoration techniques and designed a specific robot, able to meet the specific requirements of such launches.

Available in three sizes for three different compositions, this box has a classic square format.


AC_7031_YSL_Mon Paris_coffret vl

Absolute challenge

Alliora Coffrets has put all its expertise in the sophistication of the decors, mastering a work of calibration and tracking particularly arduous.

The lid is offset-printed with a silver polyester paper. The sides in a sober black, covered with matt varnish, the pink top matched with black and protected by a pearl varnish. “Mon Paris” is hot-printed in gold while the Brand logo is hot-stamped in curved black. The embossed black-printed ribbon has a pink and purple glossy varnish. And two graining patterns decorate the top and sides of the box. Inside, the wedge is covered with a silver-coated polyester paper and the logo is black hot-stamped.

AC_6855_YSL_Mon Paris_zoom vl


Equipments, the ultimate

To satisfy the demand for brands, Alliora Coffrets makes the difference thanks to a specific robot, enabling the boxes to be closed in two different ways: either in a traditional way – the lid covering the cuvette – or in a presentation format, the lid to be housed under the bowl to expose the products in shop. The rate and selection of the sequences are defined by simple adjustment of the machine.

The boxes realized in full service are delivered under a sheath in PET crystal.


AC_6884_YSL_Mon Paris_capot ouvert vl


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