Press Releases - 17 January 2017

Axilone dresses of flakes Rouge Pur Couture by Yves Saint Laurent

Each year, Yves Saint Laurent celebrates Christmas by making certain products, collector objects. This year, it’s the turn of the mythical Red Pure Couture which offered for Christmas a superb spangled outfit. Axilone has thus innovated in a technique of decoration particularly complex. Deal! The object snapped.

To give his lipstick a classy and festive look, the Brand has chosen an elegant gold and silver glitter decor, the objective being to keep the pack’ smooth and sensual touch.


When Axilone challenges the technique

To achieve such result, Axilone used a multilayer process.

The glossy gold anodized aluminium cap receives several layers of a glue lacquer on which the gold and silver glitter are sprayed with a spray gun while the piece rotates rapidly. Entrusted to a partner of Axilone, this operation is programmed so as to obtain a gradient of flakes from the top to the base of the cap. Then, the successive application of five layers of varnish gives the piece its smooth and silky rendering. After the final application of a UV protection varnish, Yves Saint Laurent logo is engraved on the front and silk-screened in black.

The cap is fitted with a POM low voc insert to ensure compatibility when in contact with the formula. This black insert slightly exceeds the base of the hood to form an elegant border.

The glossy-gold anodized base, contrasts a smooth and shiny surface to the glittery decor of the hood. The two pieces are assorted with a metal ballast.


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