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Statutory information

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The website you are currently consulting is the property of French limited company ILEOS, registered with the Paris register of businesses under the number 418 143 624 RCS Paris. The company’s share capital stands at €42,702,358.08 and its registered office address is Tour Montparnasse BP8, 33, Avenue du Maine, 75015 PARIS, France.

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The name of the publication manager for this website is Jean Rollier.

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1. Privacy and data protection

Personal data

No personal information is collected from any visitor to this website.


Cookies help users browse the site more efficiently and allow accurate metering of page visits. A cookie is a plain text file stored by the webpage server on the computer accessing the website. All browsers provide the option, usually via a setting found in the privacy section of their “Options” menu, of refusing cookies and also of deleting any that are stored.

Anonymous data gathered automatically

When a computer accesses the ILEOS site, certain information is sometimes retrieved that is not specific to any particular person (notable examples being the browser name, the client computer’s operating system, the ISP through whom the connection is made, and the URL of the website or search engine that pointed the user to our site). ILEOS uses this information for the sole purpose of making its websites more attractive.


2. Liability

ILEOS strives to keep the information on this site as accurate and up-to-date as possible and therefore reserves the right to revise the content at any time without notice. Although applying its best efforts, ILEOS is not immune to error and provides no guarantee as to the truth, accuracy, or completeness of the content made available on this site.

This site sets out to provide information about ILEOS, its organization, its locations, and its communication. It is not a sales website and the information it provides is for guide purposes only, not to be construed as a commercial offer of products or services.

Consequently, ILEOS declines all liability in regard to the following:


3. Liability regarding hyperlinked content

Third parties may point hyperlinks to pages or documents published on this website provided that any such link is not prejudicial to the interests of the ILEOS group and that the link lets the end user identify the origin and author of the accessed document.

ILEOS cannot be held liable for the content of any external website or any other resource on the Internet that hyperlinks placed on this site point to.


4. Brands and marks

All brand names quoted on this website represent a product, company, or brand belonging to their respective owner, said owner reserving all rights thereto. The quoting of such names on this site implies no concession of rights and the names of said products, companies, or brands may not be used legally without the prior consent of their owner.


5. Intellectual property

The website is a creative work and as such remains the exclusive property of ILEOS. The site is protected by French and international intellectual property law, notably prohibiting any reproduction or representation that might infringe ILEOS’s ownership rights.

All images and texts appearing on this website, along with all the names of the products or brands mentioned, are the exclusive property of or are licensed for use by the ILEOS Company and its subsidiaries. Their use by any other party is prohibited unless prior written consent is obtained from the ILEOS Company.


6. Jurisdiction

Visitors to this website expressly accept its submission to French law. In the event of litigation concerning the terms set down above, and failing agreement on an amicable solution, the court of competent jurisdiction shall be the business tribunal governing the French district in which our registered office is located.

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