Alliora Coffrets

Creating high-value ‘Made in France’ products

Fragrance, cosmetics, wines and spirits… whatever the sector, Alliora Coffrets stands out from the market providing the correct answer to its clients, a human-sized team, and especially a 100% French manufacture.

The expertise of its R & D department justifies creativity constantly sharpened. ¬†Reinvent volumes, work on opening systems, imagine new concepts, study innovative materials. Handle material playing reflection (metal effect, holographic foil, pearl varnish, glitter), reproduce icy, cotton or soft touch, dress cardboard box, textile, lace, leather or wood, brings it relief, depth, transparency… Constantly pushing the boundaries of creation, Alliora Coffrets optimizes processes, develops techniques, making the box a differentiating object.

Integrated Manufacturing

The complexity of set-up boxes requires expertise and special tools.

To do so, each product justifies the creation or the adaptation of molds and appropriate tools.Alliora Coffrets manages these steps in-house in order to control technics and time-to-market.

In this same logic, Alliora Coffrets gives particular importance to the wedges. As a centrepiece of the set-up box to highlight the product, they require a real technical know-how and an uncommon aesthetic. For this, the site of Fougères (France) creates in-house thermoformed wedges and tools.

For its customers, Alliora Coffrets intervenes, from design to shipping the finished product, integrating all of the graphic chain and procurement of components via a partner.

Business Optimization

To meet the strong activity periods, Alliora Coffrets has appropriate material and human resources necessary to ensure the rise in production.

Commercially, Alliora Coffrets targets new markets today. Beyond boxes distributed around the world for the fragrance, cosmetics, wines and spirits industries, wz intend to diversify into other areas such as gourmet food, jewelry or the ready-to-wear.

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