From Nord-Est to Oaktree…

Nord-Est Group originates in the 19th century steel industry in France.

Starting in the 1980’s Nord-Est diversifies in various businesses, in particular the packaging.

In 1998, Nord-Est regroups its activities in specialty packaging in a new entity, ILEOS.

In 2007, Nord-Est focuses on ILEOS after having sold the electronic componants and industrial mineral businesses.

Since December 2011, the Group, from now on known only as ILEOS, has belonged to investment company Oaktree Capital Management (which, in the packaging sector, also owns glassmaker SGD) and is pursuing organic and external growth.

Today, ILEOS is a leading group in the packaging sector.

Key dates

  • Nord-Est SA, a former 19th century steel conglomerate diversified as of the 1980’s into various industrial activities, is sold by Paribas Affaires Industrielles (PAI) to La Continentale d’Entreprises
  • The packaging activities of Nord-Est specialised into cosmetics and healthcare (caps, samples, folded & set up boxes, leaflets & labels, POS advertising) are grouped by the new shareholder under a dedicated holding, Ileos S.A.
  • 190 M€ of sales
  • Addition of plastic capabilities in caps with the creation of Axilone Plastique through the acquisition of two plastic injection firms, Niob and Armep, based in Brittany
  • 250 M€ of sales
  • Merger between Nord-Est and La Continentale d’Entreprises, under the name of Nord-Est SA, a company quoted on the Paris Stock Exchange, which majority shareholder is the Swiss holding Harwanne
  • Entry into the lipsticks market through the creation of the Chinese JV Axilone Shunhua, with a local partner
  • Nord-Est sells its industrial mineral business DAM to Imerys
  • Development of the sampling business for Eastern European markets through the creation of Socopol in Poland
  • Nord-Est sells 80% of the passive components business (switch, keyboards, etc.) Apem to Barclays PE
  • Development of the sampling business in China with the launch of Bioplan Chinese operations, Flexasia
  • Acquisition of the Polish leader in Sampling solutions by Socopol
  • Merger of Packart and Rotanotice to form Packetis
  • 21 Centrale Partner acquires a majority stake in Nord-Est after the sale of the non-packaging businesses: mines in Morocco (CMT), Mica  business (Cogebi) and remaining stakes in Apem and Acofi.
  • Subsequent delisting of Nord-Est
  • Merger of Nord-Est and Ileos corporate management teams
  • Sale of the point of sale advertising activity (Pixxent) leaving Ileos with 4 activities (Axilone, Bioplan, Alliora, Packetis)
  • Addition of  european Perfumes samples capabilities (purchase of Biopack)
  • Acquisition by Oaktree Capital Management
  • Ileos name retained instead of Nord-Est for Group name
  • Change of Corporate Head, as Pierre Hemar becomes CEO
  • Development in the Brazilian sample market through the acquisition of 51% of Mappel
  • 300 M€ of sales
  • Ileos is organised in 3 Business Units : Axilone (caps, closures and lipsticks), Bioplan (cosmetics and perfumes samples filling) and Ileos Graphic (folded boxes for healthcare and cosmetics) that includes Alliora and Packetis
  • Addition of American Perfumes samples capabilities with the 100% acquisition of Le Papillon
  • Acquisition of the remaining minority stake in Mappel
  • 350 M€ of sales
  • Ileos develops its promotional business in the US through the acquisition of Aphena
  • 400 M € of sales
  • Change of Corporate Head, as Jean Rollier becomes CEO
  • Bioplan, subsidiary of Ileos Group until then, is no longer part of the Group as it merges with Arcade Marketing to create a new entity, Arcade Beauty.
  • Sale to MM Packaging of the printing activities of the Graphic division – comprising Alliora (with the exception of the set-up boxes assembly activity) and Packetis.
  • Creation within Ileos Group of Alliora Coffrets, specialized in the set-up boxes assembly activity.

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